Technical Assessment and Consultation

  • SOC Policies and procedures

ITB develops a set of processes based on proper assessment to maintain the SOC operation, the following are the main subjects covered by the processes:

    • General SOC Operations
    • SOC Monitoring
    • SOC Reporting
    • Incident Handling
    • Security Management Processes and Procedures
    • Forensics Investigation Process.
        • SOC Development, Implementation and operation

IT Belt Provides these services to help our customer building the three main pillarsof the successful SOC as in the following:

    • People – IT Belt combined operations and engineering staffs have the leading concentration of certifications, range of skill sets, and expertise. We are also partnered with the leading training organization around the world like (ISC)2,  Mile2, BSI, and CERT. This expertise and training capability will enable us to train your personnel to the highest level of proficiency.
    • Process − IT Belt has a tested and mature SOC methodology and we can immediately leverage our SOC operations processes and consulting methodologies and experience to provide a higher value solution implemented more rapidly and at a greater value in the context of a SOC. Intelligence and vulnerability management processes in particular are integrated for our customer’s benefit.
    • Technology – Our partner’s security services tools are designed for scalability, flexibility, and efficiency, and have received awards and industry recognition in these categories. They are also modularly designed, and will be implemented to achieve your goals of establishing the SOC.

Our services includes the below phases:

Design Phase: We can help you in the Secure Operations Center Architecture Development which includes SOC Architecture benchmarking, SOC architecture blueprint, and SOC architecture road map development.
Implementation Phase: We can help you implement the appropriate technology selected during the design phase and integrate it with the appropriate processes to ensure an effective SOC.

Operation Phase: We can provide you with trained and certified SOC analysts to help you operate your SOC or train your staff to operate the SOC.

  • High and low level Architecture Review
  • VA and PT Services

Pen Testing attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible. Penetration testing includes network penetration testing, application security testing, Wi-Fi Pen test, and other types.
Our provided service includes below outputs:
Executive Report: A high-level snapshot of all existing vulnerabilities, activities, and penetration test results
Detailed Technical report: includes the following:

  • Report of All Vulnerabilities founded by scan
  • Manual Mapping the Vulnerability to potential exploit
  • Detailed report including evidence of exploits with attack step
  • Mitigation steps and recommendation